Special Occasion Channeled Message!!!

Looking for just-that-special-something? Here it is, at last...

Let Traci and the Spirits channel* a message relating to the occasion you select. Three easy steps toward this $30 purchase:

1) Make payment by clicking on the link below:

2) Email Traci at traci@tracibray.com including the following:

     -Your name

     -Name and email address of the recipient

     -Reason for this gift (Birthday, Bereavement, Anniversary, Congratulations, just-because, etc.)

     -Additional information you believe may be helpful to Traci

     -Any short message you wish included

Traci will send an email to the recipient noting that it has been requested by you due to whatever occasion you've cited, including the channeled message. Messages from adults to adults unless with written parental permission. Anonymous messages, or messages requested of a sexual nature will not be written; Traci reserves the right to refund payment for any topic or message she deems unsuitable.

The message will be a short paragraph or two, each original and unique.

How to Discover Other Specials & Offers when Released

Offers and specials are released in two different ways:

  1. Sent in email form most likely in "Medium Messages" Traci's bi-weekly e.zine. If you're not on the list or uncertain, go to the "Contact" tab above and click on e.mail sign-up. Fill that out and send, and you'll be in-the-know!​
  2. Many, but not all offers are mentioned on Facebook. Find Traci at https://Facebook.com/TraciBrayMedium,  friend her page and you'll have access to that information as well!

Contact Information:

(913) 940-0754 telephone


 Current Specials & Offers (likely time sensitive!) 

Kansas City   


About Gift Certificates -  Note from Traci:I've discontinued the sale of Gift Certificates. If you wish to purchase a reading for someone, I'll be glad to invoice you. Either you or the person may schedule the session by phoning me. These readings are good through the calendar year they are purchased in. There will be no flexibility with this.


*Traci's readings come from Spirit in the 'spirit-of' personal enlightenment.  To some recipients, they also provide entertainment and certainly, enjoyment.  Every beneficiary of a reading has free will to choose as they see fit for their own life.  Individuals are responsible for their interpretation of the reading as well as how or if they incorporate it into their own life via thought, word and deed.

No special offers at present, but note the offer below, PLUS the question by email opportunity by clicking here.

Stay tuned!

Traci Bray, BS/MA (913) 940-0754