How to Discover Other Specials & Offers when Released

Offers and specials are released in two different ways:

  1. Sent in email form most likely in "Medium Messages" Traci's bi-weekly e.zine. If you're not on the list or uncertain, go to the "Contact" tab above and click on e.mail sign-up. Fill that out and send, and you'll be in-the-know!​
  2. Many, but not all offers are mentioned on Facebook. Find Traci at,  friend her page and you'll have access to that information as well!

Contact Information:

(913) 940-0754 telephone 

*Traci's readings come from Spirit in the 'spirit-of' personal enlightenment.  To some recipients, they also provide entertainment and certainly, enjoyment.  Every beneficiary of a reading has free will to choose as they see fit for their own life.  Individuals are responsible for their interpretation of the reading as well as how or if they incorporate it into their own life via thought, word and deed.

 Current Specials & Offers (likely time sensitive!) 

Past Life reading via e.mail  

$39.97   ComingSOON!!!                                        

Limited TIME ONLY - offer ends June 22, 2018 or until sold-out!

Note Regarding Offer that Ended May 31st from Traci: I am running behind my intended ten-to-fourteen day turn around. Part of that is due to a completely unanticipated trip of five business days in Philadelphia where working was difficult to impossible. The other is the surprisingly delightful response regarding the number of these sold. This is a first-time ever offer - I underestimated the amount of time writing these would take. So, you are part of the learning curve on this for me, and your patience is deeply appreciated! Sincerely, Traci

About Your Past Life Reading:

Although you may not realize it, Traci has been doing past-life work for several years. She accesses The Book of Life stored in The Hall of Records (sometimes both interchanged with the term: Akaschic Records),  to retrieve information that already exists for you! Traci has visited this space often - for her it resembles and ongoing, Harry Potter-like hall, with volumes and volumes of shelves of books of all sizes and shape that record each person's lifetime or lifetimes. Others have found this work so very helpful in understanding some of the 'why' as to:

  • choices they make, or continue to make
  • patterns they notice running through their circumstances, and/or decision-making
  • background as to why we are attracted to certain people or things

What the Past Life Reading is NOT:

     -It is not connecting with the dead

     -It is not psychic (looking at WHAT may happen for you in the future)                                                        This offer is non-refundable...

     -A full-blown reading

What the Past Life Email Reading Special IS:

A brief paragraph form of narrative explaining what Traci sees/is-given when she delves into your Book of Life in the Hall of Records.Added in from the previous offer that ended May 31, 2018 is an interpretation of what the Past Life described might mean to you in your current lifetime.

Besides Paying, what youneed            to do:

Email Traci a short bit of information that you might like the Past Life Reading(s) to Address. She will look at ONE other lifetime. YOU MAY REQUEST either:

  1. more than one lifetime glimpse by purchasing as many as you wish concerning the same issue or concern you email Traci, or,  (Example: I continue to work for bosses that treat me poorly, and do not value my skills and talents. Do you see anything from a Past-Life that might provide me with further information as to why this is happening to me?)...
  2. different commentary regarding a different topic. (Example, if your first question was one like listed in #1 immediately above, a second might be: I fell in love with a man who seemed to love me, yet he simply disappeared from my life. His name was Matthew. Is there any insight as to another lifetime that this may have happened in?)


  • You may purchase as many past life glimpses as you wish; however they must be purchased by May 31, 2018
  • This purchase requires that you email Traci your topic(s)at the SAME TIME...  to
  • You may expect Traci's Response within 14 days from purchase. There are occasions where delays occur; 2 weeks is Traci's aim!

Testimonial on a Past-Life e.mail Reading:

"I had always struggled as to why my husband abruptly left when I was eight months pregnant with my daughter over 20 years ago. There was no Other Woman, and he did not seem to make any other major changes in his life other than leaving! I realized you might be able to help with a Past Life Reading and wondered if you could help. What you saw was amazing, and gave me much needed completion.You said that in the late 1700's you saw me as a young woman giving birth to our first child. There were complications with the birth, and the baby did not survive. We had settled in a remote area, and there was no way to retrieve the only doctor who covered a wide area. I was never the same, and passed only a year later of a respiratory infection. He blamed himself for our remote location, and for having brought the baby and I into a position where help was not available. He was unable to bear the loss of both of us, especially in such a short time. He never remarried and became a recluse. He was overcome by grief so strong that remnants of it effected him in this lifetime. It was safer for him to run, instead of repeating an underlying belief based in memory that he would lose us both. Incidentally, my daughter is a bright college junior. And I have had repeated bronchial issues since I was a child."   Gemma, Oklahoma City

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