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Traci Bray, BS/MA (913) 940-0754

I have had many amazing readings with Traci, but one that stands out and brings me peace of mind was the afternoon in a phone reading when I asked if she could touch base with my deceased husband and see if he had a message for me.  To make sure she was in contact with him, Traci said he was showing her something black with white or silver dragonflies. I was sure she had contacted him because I had a piece of black fabric with a silver dragonfly pattern lying on the sewing table in front of me.​

In trying to decipher the message, Traci described one thing after the other that was being shown to her; like a lightweight gold medallion with red flowers, a small medallion with something green tied or woven around it, a star – a clear crystal star like one would use as a tree topper; a boy scout or campfire girl scarf tied in a knot at the end – a 50’s look to it.

Try as she might, I just wasn’t grasping the gist of his message, but Traci and my husband kept working at it. He showed her a picture of Christ and a gold wreath that Traci said might be an ornament of sorts that was put up but more likely taken down.

When Traci said “taken down” I remembered a little ornament that was hanging in the window before my new windows were installed. I went to the desk, which sets below a picture of Jesus, and there in the drawer was a gold, medallion-sized wreath, with a crystal star dangling in the center, red berries painted on the wreath, and a painted green ribbon wound around it. The hanger is a piece of red ribbon tied in a knot at the end. Traci felt my message had something to do with that red ribbon. I told her it looked like something was written on it but I had to get my glasses because the print was quite small. What I read to Traci that is printed on the red ribbon is “God Loves You And So Do I".

I will never forget that reading as long as I live. I am so thankful for Traci and her gift, along with her patience and persistence in making sure I received this priceless message from my husband. It truly means the world to me.

Sharon Buchanan, Kansas City, Kansas

very positive experience. You did a reading for my daughter and I when you were in Council Bluffs in 2008.  The messages that you gave to me from my Mom did more for me in helping to heal my grief and affirm my faith than anything else. I know that these messages had to come from my Mom because they were about things that she and I had talked about or things that would have meaning only to our family. I am so grateful and want to thank you so much. At the time I had a dear friend who was dying from ovarian cancer and my telling her about our visit with you was a great help to her. She said, "You have made me a happy woman and I will sleep so well tonight." You confirmed her feeling that life does go on in some form.​

Paula, Omaha, Nebraska

We have had several individual and group readings with Traci. She is so 'right-on' with  messages from our loved ones. Her ability to relay messages to us in a way that captures  their personality traits is even more-compelling. We find this a very peaceful, comforting way to communicate with our loved ones. Traci's demeanor is professional and calming; this makes for a


Traci's readings come from Spirit in the 'spirit-of' personal enlightenment. To some recipients, they also provide entertainment and certainly, enjoyment. Every beneficiary of a reading has free will to choose as they see fit for their own life. Individuals are responsible for their interpretation of the reading as well as how or if they incorporate it into their own life via thought, word and deed.

"Traci Bray is not one of these mediums who do 'cold readings'. Not only did she produce an amazing number of info bits when we had our first reading (21 in total, each verified), but they were specific and extremely evidential in terms of proper identification of the deceased involved.  She also gave quite a few specifics that usually very few mediums can.  In particular, several accurate first names, and even accurate first foreign names, all perfectly pronounced!  Here are a few examples:​

Data very evidential in terms of proper identification: Traci told me she saw a "little bit of dough," in relation to my Mother, passed-on for some 30 years.  Indeed when I was a kid and my Mother was baking an apple pie, she always set apart a little bit of dough that she baked separately just for me because she knew I preferred the dough all by itself, without any fruit.

Accurate first names, even accurate foreign first names: Traci named my beloved sister-in-law, nicknamed Jeannette, and pronounced this name the French-way, as my sister-in-law was French. She also mentioned one of my uncles who was German, by his correct German first name, Friedrich, and not by the English form of this first name. She described Jeanette to a "t" telling me she always had a glass of wine and a cigarette in her hand. Unfortunately, this is how she looked to me in her later years, as she had developed an addiction to alcohol and tobacco.

I could give many other examples of Traci's accuracy but that would take too much space.  One last thing that amazed me about her: I recommended her to a friend of mine who has very serious health concerns. Without lying to her, without deluding her in any way about the seriousness of her condition, Traci's messages were such that my friend was totally cheered up, even elated after talking to her. And to me, that is nothing short of a small miracle. Traci's human qualities, her compassion, her understanding, her positive energy are the icing on the cake and make her one of the most "well-rounded" mediums I have ever consulted with."

Marie-Francoise T., France 

I had a small gathering of friends over in the Spring several years ago, to have snacks and visit and to have a reading by Traci for each of the guests. It was a hit. Each gal loved being able to have their questions answered. My sister Shirl, and my friend Lisa shared their readings with me and told me to write Traci and let her and any others who would listen know what happened to them after their readings.

Lisa had already purchased her one-way plane ticket to Alaska; she was moving and making it an adventure. She wanted to know how the trip would go. Traci told her that she would not be going by plane on the day she had bought the ticket for saying there was something wrong. What Traci reported hearing was that there would be some kind of trouble with two tires. So we guessed instead that it meant Lisa would be going by car or bus. The day came for Lisa to leave and we woke up to take her to the airport. We were told that two planes had hit the twin "towers" (not  two tires). It was 9-11-2001. Of course nobody will forget that day. But this is one of those times that we had a warning. Thank you to Traci!​

And my sister can't be left out! Shirl and her husband had their house for sale, and it wasn't getting any attention from buyers. She asked what price they would get for the house once it sold, and Traci told her the exact amount that they did in fact end up getting! Traci also told her the first and last name of the man who would buy it!  Shirl loves telling the story to all her friends. And I do too.​.

Marilyn, Columbia, Missouri

I called Traci because I needed help moving through the agonizing unexpected passing of my son, followed by my husband. My son experienced open-heart surgery. Following it myself and my family left the hospital at the recommendation of his surgeon who said my son was fine and would be back to work within two weeks. We left relieved, but my son passed during the night. In the reading with Traci, my son Brian came through by name, letting me know he was well and specific information about his children with messages for them.

Concerning my husband, at the recommendation of his surgeon we elected to continue life-support until three doctors together told my family that he was no longer had brain function. I held that guilt of keeping him on life support two weeks unnecessarily. My husband came through in the reading with distinctive information about his death, as well as his younger life, and our life together that Traci could not possibly have known.

I called Traci because I believed she could help me get some closure, and she did.

Jeanie Penrod, Wichita, Kansas

I want to thank you so much for your time that you spent with me. So many things that you could have never known, emerged via your gift. You have been able to answer, very clearly, to me, questions that I have had to deal with since I was a very young girl, and also the questions that have plagued me since my adulthood. So many things that I have had to hold deep inside for most of my 50-plus years, and the comforting words with regards to my sweet, deceased daughter. You are truly a delightful, humorous, real person. My 26 year-old daughter was certainly happy that you brought up the nick-name, "Bunny"...She reminded me that her daughter, (aka: Bunny) would look at and follow what seemed as "Nothing". Now that makes perfect sense. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon. With much love and admiration.

Sherry, Lee’s Summit, Missouri